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✮ Free!Eternal Summer ✮ Nanase Haruka

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Anonymous asked: do you have a internet crush?

Yes, who doesn’t?

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and another print for AX, 11x15! studying ghibli cel-shading style, i think this one was good practice in learning to simplify

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The colours were too light previously, so I darkened it. I also put some of these up on Society6.

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"C’mon, I’m not so typical at all."

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孤独的金鱼 (by 蕃茄人生)

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Concept Art for Kiki’s Delivery Service

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"I like… Miyamura the way he is too."

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Original:  エレエレ詰めた  by  いるい

[with permission from artist to repost] Please do not remove source :)

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